What causes your toilet to clog?

The Reasons behind a clogged toilet

Toilet mainly gets clogged due to the various sorts of unwanted things and hairs. However, sometimes when the users manage the sinks and toilets appropriately, they will find themselves with a clogged drain issue.  So, how to overcome the complications of a clogged toilet with ease? Well, users can try a variety of technology or methods to unclog the toilets.  But there will be some great chance, which will till continue to create hassles.  If you are one of them, who are facing these sorts of hurdles, then you have come to right place. Here you will gain enough relevant information regarding getting rid of the clogging issues with ease.

Toilet Paper

toilet paper

One of the highest chances to create this issue is toilet paper.  When you flush a greater amount of toilet paper at a time, then the toilet becomes clogged.  This tissue paper gets stranded in the toilet and keeps the toilet from working in the perfect manner.  So, it is advisable that not to flush a large amount of toilet paper at one time.   Try to throw them in another bin, and it will save few flushes from getting clogged.

Soap Scruff

You might be familiar with the soap scruff. If not, then when the hard water and soap make a connection and you attain a thick white substance.  It sticks to the sides of the bathtub and shower.  This also collects in the drains, which causes water to drain very slowly.  This is one of the major reasons, which user’s showers and tubs get stranded from time to time. The soap scrap also attracts other sorts of foreign substances, which continue to make the condition worse.  This results in the full blockage.  If your bathtub or shower is entirely clogged, try to call for plumber services to help you out.  The plumber will offer the users some information to keep the clogging issues to a minimum.

Bathroom Wipes

Most of the people have the habit of throwing the bathroom wipes through their toilets.  You may don’t know that these wipers are not meant to disintegrate conveniently with the water.  So, when the user uses water pressure go through the bathroom wipes, it will get stuck and end up causing clogged toilet.  It is better to be careful in using the flush-able items as they block the toilet. Also, call a plumber to support in order to locate the problem of the clog and offers you with its effective and efficient solution.

Cloggage in kitchen and Lav

clogged sink

Clogs are the normal problem in both Kitchen sinks and bathrooms as well.  However, if you are able to catch the reason at its early stage, then ask the plumber to resolve it.  It will cost you less amount in the starting if you overcome it.  Otherwise, you will end up wasting too much amount of money on repairs and maintenance.  On the whole, there is no need to be worried about it too much, just read the above-mentioned causes and overcome it in the early stage.